Terms & Conditions

By completing and ticking our agreement on the booking form, acknowledgement is confirmed that our Terms & Conditions have been read and understood as stated by NPM Events Pty Ltd (Sharebooth)


  • Hirer agrees to the payment terms and cancellation policy set by Sharebooth. Hirer confirms that a the deposit of $300 is a non refundable deposit and is to be paid at the time of booking. The booking is not confirmed/ secured until this payment has been made to Sharebooth.
  • The remainder of the balance owing for the hire of Sharebooth is to be made 15 days prior to the event and Hirer is also able to pay instalments leading up to the event. If the remainder balance owning is not made prior to the 15 days to the event, the booking will be cancelled and the payee will forfeit the deposit made.
  • If additional items/ services are selected, which are made available outside the package it is understood the additional fees associated.
  • Sharebooth accepts bank transfer and credit cards. Please note that Amex and Diners are not accepted. You can find our bank details on the bottom middle of our quotations and invoices. All payment made by credit card will incur a 1.5% surcharge and 0.30 cents pinpoint processing fee.

Additional Costs

  • If chosen to extend hours during the event it will be a fee of $150 per hour for photo booths and $300 per hour for 360 booth. If hours are extended prior to the event date, fee of $100 per hour for photo booths and $200 per hour for 360. Our team will assist in making these changes to your package selected. The booth times are strictly as per the times advised on the booking form by the Hirer. We will not extend without the approval by the Hirer.
  • If there are challenging deliveries/ setups additional fees will apply. This is for additional resource (manpower) required. Within the booking form, we request these details, and it is the Hirer’s responsibly to obtain this information prior to event. For example:
    • We will no longer carry our larger (Tall Standing Booth) upstairs. We will offer our Retro Booth if available on the date for the service. This style of booth is available as a Backdrop Booth or Grande Booth
    • Lifting the booth onto Boats & Charters. We will only offer our Retro Booth if available on the date for the service. This style of booth is available as a Backdrop Booth or Grande Booth. The booth must be hired for the whole duration of the charter from time at dock to returning.
    • Venues involving long distance unloading areas to the designated booth location.
    • Venues with high number of stairs making the delivery/ setup/ packdown. Additional cost will be added as more time for duration of setup required.
  • If no parking is available and is required to pay for the setup, attendant and/or pack down, this cost will be passed onto the Hirer.  It is always best to confirm with your venue they can provide parking at your event.
  • If event falls on a Public Holiday, there is an additional Surcharge at 25% of total price. New Years Eve is charged at an additional 50% of the standard fees.

Hire Period

  • Hirer understands that the hire of our services are for the total amount of hours specified on the booking form and/or apart of the packages selected
  • Hire period commences the time of booking and completion at the agreed end time of booking. We do not charge for setup or pack down unless it is challenging and specified above in additional costs.
  • If the hired time of the booth is 4 + hours a staff meal is asked for the booth attendant.
  • The MAX time we will commence a booth is 7.30pm. Any time after this will incur additional fees of $50 per hour.

Cancellation or Change of Date

  • If under unforeseen circumstances that the event is cancelled, the booking deposit of $300 is forfeited. Any other payments made after the deposit and if the event date is over 30 days, the additional payments will be transferred to the Hirer by Bank Transfer.
  • If event dates are cancelled within 30 days, all payments made will be forfeited.

Force Majeure

  • Certain events, beyond the reasonable control of Sharebooth, may inhibit from fulfilling our duties, services and obligations. Sharebooth will not be held liable for events beyond our reasonable control in conjunction with Force Majeure.
    • The term “force majeure” means an act of God, a strike, lockout, act of public enemy, civil commotion, war,
      blockade, riot, state of emergency, lightning, fire, storm, flood, washout, explosion, Government restraint, or any
      form of Governmental intervention (including where the event arises as a result of action taken by the Corporation
      as the relevant statutory authority) and any other cause which is not within the control of the party alleging it.

Delivery, Set-up & Pack Down

  • Sharebooth ask our Hirer’s at the time of booking for the event organisers details and we will make contact to arrange bump in and bump out times at the venue.
  • As the Hirer, please arrange and confirm the best location for the Booth. The Hirer is solely responsible for ensuring suitable access to the site for delivery of the goods and the provision of the additional services. In the event the venue is inaccessible, the Hirer is still liable to pay the hiring fee.
  • Also keep in mind power is required in/or close by the location and will not be an OHS hazard to guests and employees. Sharebooth will bring extension cords up to 10 metres only and secure the cords down for safety. If no power is available, the Hirer is to arrange a power generator in advance or advise us at least 14 days to the booking date.
  • Delivery, set-up & pack down of our services are FREE of Charge within 50km of Prestons 2170. If event is further than 40km additional fees will apply of .95 cents per km.
  • Pack down commences directly after the time of booth is hired till unless agreed to between Hirer and Sharebooth.

Space Required

  • Each of our booths do require different spaces within your venue. please see the details below
    • Retro Booth
      • 2.5 x 2.5 metres minimum area
    • Inflatable Booth
      • 3 x 3 metre minimum area
    • Instabar
      • 1 x 1 metres minimum area
    • 360 Booth
      • 3 x 3 metres minimum area
    • Social Booth
      • 2.5 x 2.5 metres minimum area
  • The Hirer is solely responsible for ensuring suitable access to the site for delivery of the goods and the provision of the additional services. In the event the venue is inaccessible, the Hirer is still liable to pay the hiring fee. The Hirer must ensure adequate power point access at the site for operation of the goods and the provision of additional services. Should the Hirer’s choice of venue/location require a power generator, an additional fee of $300 will apply.


  • Sharebooth booths have OPTUS WIFI dongles supported with all our booths. We do request through that WIFI details are provided to us in advance in case there is poor or low signal which could interfere with the use of sharing of images from the booths/ sharing stations to guests devices.

House Keeping Rules

  • Sharebooth do not allow food or drinks in or around booth area for OHS reasons. For example glass breakages, spillages etc as this will stop the booth from operating until cleaned. We will ask your guests kindly to leave their drinks outside the booth at all times.
  • Not threaten, harm or violate the Sharebooth employees
  • Damages of any equipment and/ or electronics during the event are the responsibility of the Hirer. If damage occurs due to guest behaviour or misuse, the hirer will be charged for replacement/ repairs of the equipment and/or electronics damaged.
  • If any of these terms are violated Sharebooth has the right to cease services immediately without refund.
  • Sharebooth employees have the right to refuse the service to any person or cease the full service to all if they feel the booths is being mistreated or damaged.
  • At all times, children under the age of 12 are to be accompanied by an adult when using the booth. The photo booth is not to be used for child minding as the attendants do not have the required accreditations.

Technical Details

  • If for unforeseen issues there is a problem with the photo booth during your event, Sharebooth, will resolve the issue and stay for a longer period then the hired time to make up the time lost during the session. Each case is taken into consideration and based on the issues. At times, it can be due to power/ WIFI issues as an example and is out of our control.

Social Media

  • Sharebooth offer the use of our social media IPADS free of charge to our clients. This provides the capability to upload photos to Facebook, Twitter and Email. Please note at times there may be technical details.
    •  Internet service may not be the best, resulting in not being able to upload or slowness. To assist us, please make contact with your venue and confirm if there is a username and password we can connect to. Sharebooth are not responsible if unable to connect to the wireless service providers.
    • The software is updated and approved by Apple. At times, apple update their policies which leaves the APP out of use. We apologies if this affects the use but this is the control of Apple.


  • The Hirer gives permission to Sharebooth for the use of images during the event. These images will be used as a promotional tool on mediums such as our website, social media, flyers and other promotional material. Sharebooth will not use images with may be deemed inappropriate or damaging to any user/s of our services. Events are uploaded to Facebook for the Hirer to view and share unless requested not to. Images are also posted to socials such as TikTok, Instagram but for promotional use only.
  • On our Photo Strips that are printed, there will be reference to either our name or web address placed on the strips. This is our branding and we do not remove from our strips.

Post Event Images

  • Sharebooth provide the Hirer a link to our online sharing platofrm. This link allows you to download the images/ videos to your own computer. For booths, we provide you with the STRIPS and SINGLE pics taken throughout your event. For social booths and 360, we provide you with all the files.
  • Hirer will have 30 days after the event to download all the photos.
  • We take a copy of the photos and store them for 12 months.
  • We no longer provide photos or videos on USB

Legal Stuff

  • NPM Events Pty Ltd T/as Sharebooth is covered for Workers Compensation- Certificate of Currency for policy WC529748157 and can be provided to the venue upon request
  • NPM Events Pty Ltd T/as Sharebooth is have $20 Million Public and Product Liability – Policy No. 163397PZBI and can be provided to the venue upon request

Our Pricing

  • Please ensure that if you have enquired some time ago, before you proceed with your booking you have checked the pricing and package information. As this is a link, we upload new information packs each quarter of the year.
  • Pricing and package inclusions are subject to change.

Our Commercial Clients

  • Invoices are set to the date advised as per the agreement. After fifteen (15) days of arrears $39.50 per invoice will be charged for contact made and of continued attendance in management of your overdue accounts. Any non-payment of invoices and non-communication from client will result in accounts sent to our dept collection agency Marshall Freeman.