Instagram Printer Hire for Sydney Functions

Forget about taking photos with a camera only for them to go unused or printed years later. Don’t bother with hiring a professional photographer who gets in you in awkward and stiff poses just waiting for that flash to go off. It’s time to capture your events the fun and easy way.

InstaBar lets you and your guests capture every special moment throughout the event day and print them as a keepsake forever. Your guests take a photo on their own smartphone devices. Upload the photos to Instagram and enhance photos as they wish and simply use a unique #Tag for your event. Within seconds, the photos are displayed on our 32” display screen for your guests to select and print out on the spot.

It’s so easy!

We provide hashtag and Instagram printer hire across Sydney, Newcastle, and the Hunter Valley.


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InstaBar hashtag printers are great for parties and weddings

InstaBar is an awesome way to enhance your special event, adding a serious touch of fun to either your party, wedding, school formal, whatever! We love to see the looks on guest’s faces when they come into a party and see that the host has hired one of our state of the art InstaBar Instagram and Hashtag photo printers.

Because, let’s be honest, everyone loves Instagram, and InstaBar allows you to live out the awesome fun experience of using Instagram IRL (that’s In Real Life, right?).

InstaBar allows your guests to add hashtags, filters, colour enhancements, absolutely everything you get on the Instagram app – it’s so fun and so simple and adds an awesome touch to any special event.

This is great for those wanting a lasting keepsake of their event, get people to print photos and add them to a guest book with a personalised message to the birthday girl or boy, or happy couple celebrating their big day.

Contact us to book one of our InstaBar printing services

If you think having one of our awesome InstaBar printing services at your special event is a fantastic idea, please feel free to contact our friendly team of staff and we can organise your very own real-life Instagram.

Call the team at Sharebooth on 02 9676 7521 or email [email protected] and we can further discuss how hiring an InstaBar is the perfect way to amp up your next event.

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